As the ceremony approaches, we thought we would answer a few questions you may have for your participation at the Open Banking Expo Awards.

My company is a finalist. Should we prepare a speech for if we win?

No. We will be on the lookout in the Zoom room for representatives from winning companies and we'll choose a small handful to come on screen when they win. We'll ask a couple of questions, but nothing that requires any prep. Winners that will appear on stage will be chosen at random. We'd love to ask you all to say some words, but the ceremony would be too long! So, stay tuned, it might be you!

What time will the ceremony start and end?

If kicks off on 15th July at 16:00 BST. We did our rehearsal yesterday and we think it will end between 17:00 and 17:15 depending on how much our winners and interviewees have to say!

It's on Zoom! Will I be on camera?

No. It's on Zoom webinar, so all our audience will have their cameras and microphones switched off. Unless you're invited to the stage as a winner, or you have been confirmed on the Front Row! If you are a winner and you're called up, our production team will find you and turn on your camera and microphone.

What will the ceremony entail?

Ireland’s finest hip hop musical comedian, Rob Broderick, a.k.a. Abandoman will host the show. It will be split into a few parts, starting with Rob's trademark blend of audience interaction and razor-sharp improvisation. He will work with our audience in the Front Row to transform their likes, loathes and daydreams into hit songs and captivating tales. We will then announce the first seven winners; in the order you can see on this page. Rob will then return to his Front Row for another improv session before announcing the winners of the remaining awards.

We can't wait to see you. If you have any other questions, please contact us at hello@openbankingexpo.com.